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KD Farms Trucking is located in the heart of the San Pasqual Valley Agricultural Preserve, and supports its sister companies, the Frank Konyn Dairy and San Pasqual Valley Soils compost facility. Located in San Diego, California, the San Pasqual Valley Agricultural Preserve is home to a multitude of farms, pastures, open space and parkland, including the San Dieguito River Park, and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

KD Farms Trucking doesn’t just support the dairy and compost facility, it helps improve the valley by transporting composts and mulches to its farms and businesses. And dozens of San Diego County breweries, bakeries and juice makers depend on on KD Farms’ trucks to haul residual grains, bread, fruits and vegetables, diverting them from the landfill and bringing them to the farm to feed the dairy’s cattle. KD Farms Trucking is an integral part of the dairy’s sustainability efforts.

So if you see one of our trucks, wave to one of our friendly drivers, and be assured the material in the back will either be supporting one of the last remaining dairies in San Diego County or improving the soil, and sustaining the heritage of the San Pasqual Valley Agricultural Preserve.

Thanks for visiting our website and supporting local agriculture!